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Solleone Bio has created its headquarters in Piedmont, recognizing in this region a fertile area for cultivation, highly innovative, open to the international market.

The production facility of Solleone Bio stands on the green hills of Valdengo, in the province of Biella, on 22,000 m2 of land and 6,000 m2 of establishment.
The Piedmont region borders Switzerland to the north and France to the west. She has always projected herself towards Europe, which has made her popular abroad, including across the Atlantic. 
Piedmont enjoys an excellent reputation in several sectors, including the culinary sector, with the refinement of good cuisine that is combined with the care of raw materials and skill in balanced combinations of flavors.

This territory fully reflects the philosophy of Solleone Bio, for which the taste is the result of attentive and careful work with high quality raw materials.

tappi vasetti sterilizzatrice
foto magazzino
sugo in cottura
pastorizzazione sugo
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